Monday, September 13, 2010

House/Home Call for Entries


Student curated/juried exhibition joining a variety of
emerging Memphis artists.

ELIGIBILITY: artists creating work in Memphis who are between the
ages of 18 and 30.

MEDIA: open to any media. The backyard is open for installation,
however a proposal and sketch must be submitted. Video is also
accepted. All work must relate in some way to theme of House/Home.

HOW TO ENTER: You may submit 5 images of 5 different pieces for
$5. For an additional $5, you may submit 5 more images. Images
(JPG format) should be clearly labeled with the title of the work
and your first and last name. Please include the following
information along with your images:

your name
title of the work, dimensions of work (framed/gallery ready)
medium of the work
price of work

The images may be either e-mailed or hand delivered on a
CD, but they will not be reviewed until payment (cash)
has been mailed/hand delivered to:

Memphis College of Art c/o CONFLUENCE
1930 Poplar, Memphis, TN 38104
checks may be made out to: CONFLUENCE: MCA

pay via paypal @

entries/payment must be received no later than 5:00p.m.
Wednesday, September 22nd.

SELECTION PROCESS: the images will be reviewed by the founders
of CONFLUENCE, and the artists selected will be informed by
Friday, September 24th. Artists selected may have the work for
sale at the exhibition, and the artists will receive 100% of the sale.

DELIVERY AND RETURN OF WORK: All work accepted for the
exhibition must arrive ready to install. Works not gallery-ready, or
not exhibiting good craftsmanship may be omitted from the exhibit.
Accepted work that differs significantly from the entry images or
suffers from poor presentation, will be disqualified. Please note that
professional-level presentation is a must. All work must arrive at the
gallery by Tuesday, September 28th .


  1. Is there a theme for this exhibition?

  2. yup, the theme is house/home. it can deal with that in any way you see fit...displacement, identity, what it means to be a house versus what it means to be a home.